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Okay, so why not Facebook instead?  Well, call me paranoid but I don’t like to putting anything on a server that doesn’t belong to me.

It’s been AGES since we’ve updated this site.  I’ll try to do better.  We have a new blizzard.  And for the geeks in the audience, I have a couple of new “Raspberry Pi” computers...

We have a fairly good server so we may expand to hosting family wikis, calendars, etc.

For now, we’ve updated our silly weather videos (massive blizzard this February, Hurricane Irene, etc).  All filmed on an iPod Touch or iPhone (i.e., no zoom, works poorly in the dark, but pretty good hi-def, ...) and totally unedited.  IE.  Don’t blame John for any quality issues.  We also have some other “exciting” footage like a tour of the vegetable garden and how to make kefir.  Still haven’t posted them but we’ll get to it.

What’s the point of this website?  Stuck inside during Hurricane Irene, February Blizzards, etc, and needed something different to do.


A website of RANDOM stuff



Due to inclement weather,the state of Massachusetts has been cancelled!

There are a lot of Thordarsons out there.  This site is hosted by the Lexington MA Thordarsons.  Contact our site admin if you want to add something.